Nightmares are the common experience of many and a type of dream that leaves most everyone with some degree of concern. In the field of dreams however, our focus needs to be on the interpretation of the symbols, and not on the symbols themselves. 

Let me share one of the nightmares others have had:

A man once came to us for help in understanding one of his nightmares. As the nightmare progressed he learned that his father would die in September. 

It was August, the man was understandably concerned. When we asked him what came to mind when he thought about his father, he used words like judgmental and controlling. Apparently his father was always putting him down for being unsuccessful. 

When we asked him what was happening in his life around the time of the dream. He shared how he had enrolled in school, upgrading his education in order to qualify for a better job. 

We interpretation to which his spirit bore witness was that the schooling he was starting in September would put an end to the internal effects that his father’s scorn has had in his life. In this nightmare, his father was symbolic of the negative traits that had taken root and were affecting his self-image and therefore his life.

Although the dreamer initially considered among his nightmares, the interpretation proved to be very positive and of great personal value.

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