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Dreams that Heal and Counsel

Hearing God’s Voice in the Night

Foreword by Chester and Betsy Kylstra

"Most of us have read books on healing. Some of us have read books on dreams. But how many of us have ever read an author who has been able to put these two topics together? Enjoy the fresh and timely insights that the Bydeleys share in this new book. You will be challenged and want to experience more as you read through their penetrating chapters. We challenge you."

Chester and Betsy Kylstra, founders and former directors of

Healing House Ministries International,

International Healing Center, Henderson, NC

Authors of Restoring the Foundation, and

An Integrated Approach to Biblical Healing Ministry


The "Wonder of a Counselor" communicates with His loved ones, not through the preferred Western approach of logic, but through dreams, visions, and symbols.

Steve and Dianne draw on their rich and varied backgrounds to illustrate how God communicates His love and healing through a variety of angles, and make specific application from Biblical texts about dreams and visions.

This book stimulates ones' thinking about the wealth of information that is in scriptures and how God wants to bring healing to the world.

Rev. Arthur Zeilstra, formerly Director of,

Cornerstone Christian Counselling Centre,

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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