Kitchen Dreams and other Symbols

We have been asked many times to help interpret things like kitchen dreams as though this were a special type or class of dream. Be it a kitchen dream or nightmare or a dream about your parents the approach is the same. To get an accurate interpretation of the dream the symbols must be understood as they apply to the life experiences of the dreamer.

For this reason, were one to look up 'kitchen dreams' in a dream dictionary you may be misled rather than lead to an understanding.

Ask yourself, "Where have the details—the other symbols of this kitchen dream—been experienced by me before?"

Although I've used a kitchen dream in this example it remains true of most dreams and of the symbols in most dreams.

One exception is people. As symbols, people may represent issues internal or external to the dreamer. The closer in relationship to the dreamer the more likely the person represents an internal issue. Too large a topic for this writing.

Kitchen dreams can represent the act or ministry of feeding others or of being fed by others. If a chef were to have a kitchen dream, the personal approach takes on a new twist since this normally would represent their place of employment. A carpenter too, might have a difference slant of kitchen dreams than would a family member.

Whether kitchen dreams or any other symbol, always take personal approach to interpreting the kitchen symbol. 

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