Dream Interpretation Guidelines

© 2003, Steve Bydeley
  1. Always record your dreams - as soon as possible after you receive them.
  2. To determine if the dream is personal, impersonal, or interpersonal ask what your role was in the dream. Were you active, observing only, or active initially and then an observing only (or the other way around).
    • active throughout - a Personal or Subjective Dream - for and about yourself only
    • observing only - an Impersonal or Objective Dream - for and about others, not for you.
    • active and then observing - an Interpersonal or Combination Dream - affecting you, but primarily for and about others
  3. The symbols in personal dreams pertain to the dreamer; therefore, the interpretation belongs to the dreamer not to those helping.  If the helper has a gift in the interpretation of dreams, their interpretation should still receive confirmation from the spirit of the dreamer.  If the dream is Impersonal or Interpersonal then the meaning of the symbols belong to those for whom the dream is given.  Approximately 90-95% of our dreams are Personal . 
  4. If an Impersonal or Interpersonal dream, pray for guidance in determining who the dream is for and if you received it for intercession or intervention.
    • If for intercession, then pray - and only pray, for those whom you understand the dream is for, until the burden is lifted.
    • If for intervention, then pray for God's timing, guidance, and humility in approaching those for whom the dream is given.  If they are in a church body, meet first with the pastor/leader and receive permission to approach those for whom the dream is given.  If permission is not given then your responsibility in this situation is over.  Do nothing more except to pray for them.
  5. With a Personal dream, make a list of all the symbols in the dream, pray for understanding and search your heart and past experiences for the meaning of the symbols.  Find a trusted friend, one who has regard for dreams, and discuss the dream and symbols with them. 
  6. Don't allow frustration to enter the process.  If the message of the dream is important, your Father will ensure you receive it.  Recurring dreams or recurring themes indicate an important message.  Ultimately God holds the interpretation of the dream, stay close to Him if you want understanding. 

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