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Released to Freedom!

     Comparing scripture with present day events to regain and/or strengthen our true identity - a shocking, liberating revelation, and teaching with an emphasis on the end times. In a practical way, this is being born again—a fresh new way of seeing life.

...from Farm to Fork

     This seminar explores reasons why we are culturally and personally experiencing diseases, struggling with weakened immune systems, and growing dependent on medications. Practical and simple solutions will be suggested throughout the seminar.

Open the Door to Dreams

     A simple approach to dream interpretation. Learning to interpret the symbolism of our dreams in order to understand God's communication and message.

God's Healing in Dreams

     Interpreting dreams to identify God's desire to bring healing and counsel into our lives as part of the sanctification process.

Resolving Life's Hardships

     By identifying the source of our hardship we can resolve the hardship and return to an abundant life, fullness of joy, and His peace. Often the source of our hardship is not the enemy, it's our loving Father.

Healing Prayer Ministry

     A focused three day "hands on" approach to personal ministry and ministry to others that will help us experience the abundant life, fullness of joy, and peace that Jesus has made available.

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